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  • JB why is it so hard to tell him it's over when he's still being nice even though I've been a bitch?? 8 months ago   *   3 replies
    • Area_Man It's always going to be hard, especially when they're being nice. I don't know your situation, but are you communicating with him? If he doesn't know why you're being a bitch, he might think you need his generosity. If he loves you, that's nothing out of the ordinary. For your own peace of mind, you should consider being honest with him re: how you feel rather than trying to push him away with malice. If your desire is to hurt/confuse him, then you might want to evaluate where that's coming from. 8 months ago
      • JB I have communicated with him about my unhappiness in the relationship (many times)- it's almost as if he doesn't want to listen and just keep plugging along and maybe it'll get better- that, I believe, is the root of the bitchiness- I think we are just afraid to officially start the process because it means selling the house, etc.. My problem is that he is nice and I don't want to hurt him I just don't want to be with him anymore 8 months ago
        • alphabeta Rip the band-aid off. You don't need his permission. It;s like one hand clapping. Doesnt work. 7 months ago
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