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  • Danni girl my step daughter is causing a huge part of the stress in our relationship! She throws fits that put babies to shame... she non stop lies and hurts her sister and it has me stressed all day everyday! I know for my husband coming home after a stressful day of work, to a stressful house is not fun but he doesn't realize that I have to live this 24/7 with no breaks... 3 years ago   *   3 replies
    • Karen7142 I have a couple of questions: How old is your step-daughter? How long ago did you marry her father? What is her situation like with her mother? Does your husband talk to his daughter about what is bothering her? I ask all these questions for different reasons. I think that if you consider all the answers you can try to better understand your step-daughter and mend the stressful home situation. I realize that her attitude is putting a strain on your relationship, but try to see things from her perspective. She is young, and her family was torn apart at a young age, and the adjustment into a new family situation is very hard for adolescents. Maybe the divorce (or death) was hard on her and there are unresolved issues and she is acting out in the only way she knows how. Maybe she really is a horror; if thats the case the father should be able to relieve some of the stress on you and set clearer boundaries. 3 years ago
    • AMpr411 Hi Danny girl, I think may be therapy for your step daughter could be a good option, I don't know how is she and how it was the separation of her mom and your husband, but may be she is having troubles being in the middle of two sides. I can tell you that I had that problem with the son of my BF, the mom were just telling the 8 years old kid bad things about his dad and me and my son, (non smart people can do that) I definitely give up, so I don't care what the boy think or my BF, I took my decision of no being around complex people like these, but if you decide to keep your husband I recommend try to help that girl that is asking for attention in the wrong way. 3 years ago
    • Stacy I agree with both of these replies. They both gave excellent advice. I have been in this situation before and it's miserable. The only thing that worked for me was leaving, but I made the mistake of trying to make him take sides against his kids, and that's the worst thing to do. 3 years ago
  • Candy82 I thought I could trust him, but then he goes away for 3 days on 'business' and doesn't even check in. I looked at his recent activity in our bank account and I see he's been entertaining at strip clubs.... ugh. WTF do I do? 3 years ago   *   11 replies
    • dusty1106 When you two got together, was there ever an agreement about whether or not going to a strip club was considered something inappropriate to be doing while in this relationship? 3 years ago
    • Danni girl If it does not make you sick to think about this, maybe you should try going with him? It can be a big turn on for some couples?? 3 years ago
      • TIMBUKTU i think dusty1106 has a legit question. some men go to strip clubs with other men to be "one of the guys" but it has little to do with any real intrigue outside the marriage... that said, it isnt a good sign :( 3 years ago
    • Daryll I would take some comfort that the strippers probably didn't give him anything more than as show. Still, if it really is a business move, he should be able to talk about it. I don't what the history of the strip club question is with y'all but he should come clean if it is harmless fun. 3 years ago
      • Danni girl I agree that if he has to hide it than he feels guilty and is doing it for his own selfish reasons.... if he did not feel he was doing wrong he would not hide it! 3 years ago
    • SallyAlexis My ex would do the same thing...go away on a trip and not call to even tell me he go their safely. Days would go word, and I was home with two small children. Years later I found out he was sneaking around to peep shows and who knows what else. It really interfered with our physical relationship. I would confront him. 3 years ago
    • AMpr411 Hi Candy82, I don't believe make sense for a man to go do business at a strip club, they could go to a bar or a restaurant, I don't know what type of job he has, but I don't think its very respectful; a man that needs to go to those types of clubs without you.. Some Men tend to be very machos and believe thats right and I think those types of men should be singles forever and not being around a good woman. I would say rethink if that's the type of man you deserve or you want in your life. Good Luck dear. 3 years ago
      • Karen7142 I totally agree with AMPR411... rethink the kind of man you want in your life. Or...go out to a bar with your girlfriends, flirt it up, come back late and see how he likes it!!! 3 years ago
    • Unsure Talk to him 3 years ago
    • justdone Candy, is going to a strip club cheating? That's debatable. What's not debatable is your husband certainly thought so, otherwise he'd have said to you "G'bye honey, I'm off to the strip clubs." You have a man who's not only willing to cheat on you, but in his own mind, he is cheating on you. And the fact you have no idea where he actually stayed during those three days says he was probably engaging in the traditional definition of "cheating" as well. 3 years ago
  • KatieA Has anyone here faced this situation: my husbands grown son and family moved close to us a year ago and I have become attached. I'm convinced our marriage is over but don't want to lose my relationship with the son and grandkids. Any words of advice? 3 years ago   *   6 replies
    • TDOG i JUST saw an article about this...... hold on let me find. 3 years ago
    • Karen Kozlow You poor thing... I don't have advice on the situation, but I do know about relationships that are affected by a divorce in some way, and the thing is, life is short. If you think someone's wonderful and want to be there for them, no one can ever have enough of a gift that wonderful. Even if it's hard, don't give up, that's a lucky son to have you. 3 years ago
    • thenooge You can probably get a divorce and still be friends with the son and his family. That probably sounds weird, but why not? You, your husband, and his son are all adults. You could see the son and his kids without seeing your husband. This is a little different situation but... my parents have been divorced for a while, and everyone is pretty much friends -- parents, step-parents, kids, grandkids, whatever. 3 years ago
    • AMpr411 Katiea, I'm agree with THENOOGE, I don't see the problem of you being around his son, I believe if you are honest and talk to him about your concern that you don't want to stop watching or sharing with them, if the love you same way that I can see you love them I don't think they will have any problem, and if your husband is a little uncomfortable with the whole situation, just give them some time and share with them when he is not around. Good luck and Happy Holidays! 3 years ago
    • Mr. Mag 357 As the TheNooge and Ampr411 said...the son being grown helps a lot...he's been through a relationship and shouldn't discard the bond you have just because your relationship with his pop's is dismantling...hell he's probably on your side. 3 years ago
    • Realname Don't lose touch with them. They are family. My stepfather left and was the only dad I knew. It was painful. Your relationship with them is not contingent on your relationship with your spouse. They will probably feel hurt if you don't stay in touch. 1 year ago
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