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  • George Brand new to the site today. I am so stressed at the moment and would like some advice. I have been married for around 13 years with two beautiful boys 12 and 10. My wife and I lived in Norway for around 9 years with my work and over this time there were some major trust issues and i simply fell out of love with her. There has never been anyone else involved but I just felt that I was not being treated with the respect that I deserved and had invested everything in my marriage. We moved back to the UK and very quickly I decided that it was best that I move out and get some space. Things turned quite nasty and i quickly realised that I had made the right decision. We simply see the world in a very different way. We have always been very children focussed and the boys seem to be coping well. We are now coming up to the 2 years mark of separation and I would like to start the divorce process but am terrified to ask her as I know she is still very angry and not really accepting the situation. How best to approach it? Any advice would be great as the last thing I want to do is pour fuel on the fire. 6 months ago   *   0 replies
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