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  • TDOG brilliant article about how the 10 year contract will save marriage: 6 years ago   *   10 replies
    • Spikebee Interesting...worth reading... 6 years ago
    • melisam_1973 Very interesting 6 years ago
      • splitter really smart. like any contract.... you have the choice to renew. we only started marrying for love less than 100 years ago..... ya know? it was always a socio-cultural-financial contract! 6 years ago
    • Stacy Interesting. But I don't know if this would be a solution to the astronomical divorce rates we have in America. A quick google search shows that the average length of a marriage that ends in divorce is 8 years, would these people hang on another 2 years until the their contract runs out? What would be the consequences if they ended it early? Or would they be able to end it? And what happens with the children?? I do agree that in America we marry for love and usually aren't very practical about our decision, but it seems that this type of agreement isn't going to change that way of thinking. This just sounds like divorce...simplified. 6 years ago
      • erinnn the biggest predictor of divorce is marriage. it should be much harder to get married and much easier to divorce. 6 years ago
    • thenooge This is just putting a different arbitrary endpoint on marriage. Till death, 10 years, 7 years, 15 years, why would any of those periods of time be better than any other for all married people to subscribe to? If you're going to be married forever, great. If you're going to get divorced after 9 years, great. 6 years ago
      • erinnn divorce is really complex and hard for people because there was nothing set up contractually in the beginning that defines the relationship. everyone thinks they are "owed" at the end... it;s crazy . 6 years ago
        • dynamic Divorce is not complex. It's two people who know longer wish to be together. Very simple. The surrounding circumstances is what makes it complicated. Saying it's complex is more like an excuse. When you have two uncivil people (or just one), anything can be complex in terms of a relationship. People are crazy when hopped up on emotions. When Love turns to hate, things get ugly really quick. No contract will change human behavior in a broken system. There are too many variables to pin point the reasons marriages fail so easy. There are clearly main categories but that's a discussion for another time. 5 years ago
    • alphabeta Smart 5 years ago
    • porcupine I don't think this adds a benefit except to those with commitment issues. A prenup extended takes the core idea of marriage and hope for a positive future and turns it into a business mindset. Besides, what is life without risk? Some things you have to take on faith. 5 years ago
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