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Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change. - Wayne Dyer

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  • ardentdreams Everything I say is 'being negative' or 'stresses him out'. I know this relationship has ran its course because everyday I wake up and look at him with a scowl. I am an opinionated person and he told me he loved that about me. 2 years later - he cuts me off, he makes me feel low and he never listens. 4 years ago   *   6 replies
    • lmaazel there is this therapy practice - imago - that says that the thing that draws us toward someone always becomes the thing that ultimately repels us and we need to find ways to honor that thing that we loved in the first place..... while learning how to communicate. we are drawn to people with different energy than ours and then we hate when they aren't like us..... oh, relationships! 4 years ago
    • JENnI Wow that's a tough one. How do you make someone listen when they simply won't? Even though he said he loves the way you voice your opinion, maybe try giving it a different angle- change things up about, catch him off guard. You might have him listening and he won't even realize it. 4 years ago
    • TDOG read harville hendrix..... 4 years ago
    • Danni girl wow! that's exactly what happened to me! He use to say he loves how I speak my mind and don't hold back, and you never wonder whats on my mind cuz I say how I feel... Now, im just a bitch and hard headed! wtf is wrong wit these dudes?!?! 4 years ago
    • Stacy I have a friend who is proud of the fact that she speaks her mind. She thinks it's a virtue that she's being truthful and honest. But what she really is, is hurtful. She lacks tact, does not know how to speak the truth in love, and it brutally honest to the point of being callous. I appreciate her honesty very much, and know that I will get the truth from her, but I really wish she knew how to be more gentle in her delivery. 4 years ago
    • Unsure I know exactly how you feel. I often wonder how things changed so dramatically but I guess with time you learn. 4 years ago
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