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  • Queen Yinin Feeling scared today. Can feel my life slipping away and I don't know what the future holds. I probably will have to move cities. All my friends here and his friends. All my life here is his life. And, although I know it's the right thing to do, everything is going to change and I'm scared. 6 months ago   *   1 replies
    • crossreeds I'm sorry and sending positive, healing vibes your way! I have not left yet but am considering talking to my husband about a separation after the holidays...i have already felt a whole lot of anxiety in just thinking about it. It IS very real and scary to go from a once-certain future to having no clue. That's what happened to me this year and i have been slowly trying to process it all. Really frightened at the potential reactions from our families, friends, but most of all my husband....i don't think he really sees it coming. I;m just taking the next few weeks to gather my thoughts and decide what I'm going to say...sigh. 6 months ago
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