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"The idea that relationships last forever is no longer as concrete as it might once have been." - Laurie Engelhardt

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  • happier Hi folks - It's been about 2 months since I moved out, and I've literally been living my best life. I feel like myself again, am having so much fun, and people have mentioned to me how much I've been glowing! Anywho - coming for advice. We are taking the "amicable" route where we decide the terms of our separation agreement, use that to file (we can do this because we don't have kids), and we can file for divorce without any limitation on how long we've been separated. I won't give the long drawn out story, but he drew up an agreement, I edited it, sent it back two weeks ago with only one edit, the house. We'd verbally agreed on what we would do with the house and I put that in our agreement, so there really shouldnt be much to review. I emailed him last tuesday for a status, and he replied, "I'm still confirming the language". -____- How long do I wait to reach back out? 9 months ago   *   4 replies
    • HappySouL Hi Happier! And so glad that you are! He could be getting cold feet and procrastinating on sending it back to you. I wouldn't hesitate to set a date and ask him amicably "I'd like to get this put settled as of March 1st, so please send it back as you can" etc. No harm in doing that! Keep up the positivity :) 9 months ago
      • happier That's helpful! I just did that. Will keep you posted. <3 9 months ago
        • happier He went and got a lawyer for the separation agreement. I also found via google search that he put our house up for rent! Do I need a lawyer? I'm so confused... 9 months ago
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