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We ruined each other by being together. We destroyed each other’s dreams. - Kate Chisman

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  • Jenmh I feel very lost! I've only been married for 3 months and I'm already thinking of divorce. But who am I kidding since the beginning of the relationship we've had problems. At first intimacy was a problem he never really was one to start anything with me so I always felt unsatisfied and that we were just roommates in a sense. Then he did change and work on that but by the time that happened I was done wanting it with him. He has many issues from his childhood and from his former engagement which also made me feel pressured into saying yes when he asked me to marry him. Then the year went so quick before I knew it I'm married and now feeling more stuck then ever. We've been together almost 4 years and only married for 3 months and I just have this feeling that this isn't it for me. I feel so guilty though and everything I hear and read is to get the spark back but my question is how do you get something back that you never truly had in the first place? He's a good guy and he treats me well but is that enough? I feel like there should be more to forever I know it takes work but I feel like how do you pretend something is there that isnt? 1 year ago   *   4 replies
    • happier Hi Jen - I'm new to this site also and am having similar feelings. It's okay to feel that you may have made the wrong decision, but what I've found is that there is a difference between willing to work or not wanting to work. Unfortunately, I'm torn between the two in my current marriage of 1.5 years. good luck 1 year ago
      • Jenmh Hey, yes that's exactly how I feel too! I feel like a lot of my reasons to try aren't for me but more so for feeling guilty with going through with the marriage in the first place. I just have this guy feeling it's wrong and every time I try to shake it, it sneaks up again. I hope you can figure out what's right for you as well. It's hard feeling stuck! 1 year ago
    • Thoughtsunlocked I'm not in a space to give good advice on this matter. I courted my husband for 7 months before getting married. We've been married 1 month and since week 2 I had a change of heart. I thought "why did I marry him". He is a good guy but I want someone more intellectual and same beliefs. I don't believe in celebrating holidays and he does. Just little things where we are not on 1 accord. I also do not like kissing him and he wants to kiss me every time he see me. And sex, I feel nothing unless I'm imagining things in my head. I just wish I would have not married so quickly. He's good guy but maybe just not for me. To make matters worse I'm already pregnant, I must be 1 month pregnant. I just planned to get on birth control but too late. It boils down to I never been married, I'm 30 yrs old and I really wanted a husband. I think I wanted marriage more than I wanted him. Now that I have a husband I realize being single wasn't so bad. 1 year ago
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