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The true mark of maturity is when somebody hurts you and you try to understand their situation instead of trying to hurt them back.

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  • plasterdust I had this crazy dream last night that my ex hugged me on a big grassy meadow. I was so satisfied with that, just goes to show, human contact is a must for my health. Obviously I've become untouchable in the real world, but maybe I can work towards contact with an adult human that has the ability to hug. Seems like a reasonable goal for the next couple of years. Adult female willing to hug, maybe bike rides and go on dates to yummy places to talk about Bob Marley, real estate and assess why the wine tastes really good or not really good in combination with the meal. What else is there really? 4 years ago   *   8 replies
    • 12345 well, we could answer that literally but.... hear what you are saying. there is no shortage of females into hugging . 4 years ago
      • plasterdust Ah ha ha. Oh yeah, there is some other...stuff. That goes with relationships. I can't really imagine what that might be like at the moment, probably like 45 seconds of heaven? 4 years ago
        • 12345 definitely. i actually think you should go on some dates. just do it. helps break the seal. 4 years ago
    • want2bhappy I will also skip the obvious... You get to decide what else there is. Based on past relationships, based on current needs, based on those dates that are surely going to happen. From the little you've exposed on here, I would say you crave intimacy. And not just the physical kind. But until then, maybe a fling to shake things up... 4 years ago
    • plasterdust Alright, let me get this whole thing written up and through the lawyers and I'll try a date... 4 years ago
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