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The fault finder will find faults even in paradise. Love your life, poor as it is. - Henry David Thoreau

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  • happier I moved out on Saturday. I was really excited and I know I made the right decision by leaving my husband of 1.5 years, after having been together for 7 years. I'm 31, so I've been with him since I was 24. Realizing I was convincing myself that he was my husband instead of realizing we actually weren't meant to be and I would likely never be happy in a marriage with him. He admitted to being insecure in the relationship and we both agree we are missing some vital components to intimacy, vulnerability, and friendship. We were great partners and made good major decisions together and looked great together on paper. Sad to type and read. It's only been a few days, but I feel sadness every now and again. Not in that I want to go home or be back with him, but just overall sadness. Hoping it gets better with time. 11 months ago   *   7 replies
    • HappySouL It will get better! And so proud that you both came to that decision. Being true to yourself is so important. I read a beautiful statement this weekend which applies to us all I think : “There is no medal of honor working through something that your heart doesn’t want. True strength comes from being honest with yourself and your needs.” you did the right thing. Only one life.. gotta do it right :) 11 months ago
      • happier Needed to hear this. Thank you for taking the time to share with me. Thank you. 11 months ago
        • HappySouL Of course :) need to be true to you. 11 months ago
          • HappySouL Feelingfraudulent - how are you feeling? 10 months ago
            • happier Funny you ask, I just changed my status to..STRANGELY HAPPY! My mother isn't speaking to me, so this is the most difficult part. My grandmother, sister, and father have all been amazing, but feeling the rejection of my mother is taking a toll on me. I'm working on this in therapy. I know I made the right decision. I'm also working through the guilt of it all. It's heavy. Burdensome. But in therapy, I'm understanding how and why I got into this relationship. Codepenency...from my father who was an alcoholic during my younger years (sober and amazing now). Anywho - I was with my husband to fix him. Help him. Feel like I could make him happy (I think he may be slightly depressed). And came to the realization that I can't ever do that, and in doing that, I was tearing my own self apart. I could go on and on, but I know I made the right decision, and am looking forward to 2018. Thank you for checking HappySoul... <3 <3 10 months ago
            • HappySouL I can imagine it’s hard on you with regards to your Mum. But, she will come around when she realizes how much happier you are in the long run. I’m glad you have a good amount of support around you, regardless! Keep strong ☺️ 10 months ago
    • didi768 Do you have Facebook? 10 months ago
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