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  • thenooge is it inevitable that the sex slows down the longer you're in a relationship? I'd like more, but it just doesn't seem to happen. She's busy with other things, or not in the mood, or tired, or whatever else. I get tired of asking, because the answer is usually no. 4 years ago   *   6 replies
    • AMpr411 Do you think you are doing the best you can to keep her attracts to you in every way? Mentally, spiritual and physically? Women we tend to be more complex, we need more motivation that men. I think that's one of the reason of having more and more gays in our society, they know better what the other really want at least sexually. 4 years ago
    • ardentdreams I agree with AMPR411. When it comes to sex for most women, mental barriers may be what can lessen a sex drive. Surprise her with her favorite things, set the mood with music or candles (if she is that kind of woman) or since you mentioned she works, wait for a day off and woo her and let her know that you have needs as well (but make it a gentle reminder then a demand). The daily grind can really grind down a person's wants. 4 years ago
    • lulu c did anyone see the 'love letter' written by brad pitt recently about angelina? here's a link: it totally applies to your situation.... 4 years ago
      • Stacy Great letter...except that it wasn't written by Brad Pitt. Has she always been disinterested, or is this something new? Sometimes women get so tired and stressed trying to do it all that they neglect the one person who can help them the most, their husband. It sounds like she needs to take a step back from some of her responsibilities and take a little off her plate to lessen her stress and make room for you. 4 years ago
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