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  • NANCY On Labeling Women Crazy - I was once called a crazy ex and it pissed me off because it made me feel powerless. After reading this article, I found some peace of mind. 5 years ago   *   7 replies
    • TDOG So good!!! 5 years ago
    • Spikebee There is a lot of great stuff on HuffPost. Thanks for this heads up! 5 years ago
    • melisam_1973 Thanks for the article. 5 years ago
    • Casanova44 I agree completely, I don't condone calling anyone, especially someone I'd consider my significant other 'crazy'. It's not constructive and it doesn't give the person you love incentive to change their behaviors. It's lazy and at least in my opinion a healthy way to handle a person you feel is being crazy would be to tell that person how you feel when they do the thing that you feel is crazy.(without calling them crazy). 5 years ago
      • anon13 Aren't there plenty of people who act crazy at times? Many of us, if we could watch a video of ourselves, would consider our own behavior crazy occasionally. 3 years ago
    • thenooge There are a lot of people with undiagnosed mental illnesses. You should offer to help them get help instead of calling them crazy. Words are powerful. 5 years ago
    • Unsure Great article 5 years ago
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