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By Team Splitsville | October 13, 2014 | 2 replies

Linda Hirshman has written a few polarizing articles and books in the effort to ignite women to stay in the work force and not let go of the advances in women's equality in the last 50 years. Many feminists speak of the ability "choose" to stay home as part of the freedom of a true feminist, however, once these ladies hit life in splitsville, all bets are off and it sure as hell doesn't matter what you're calling it - these ladies need cash.

Finding themselves regretting the decision to stay at home with kids because their marriage (for love presumably) is also the source of their economic stability. In street terms, this is what's called a BAD SCENE.

Linda's book "Get To Work... And Get A Life Before It's Too Late" might serve as a beacon to those caught in the cross hairs of one of splitsville's most common dilemmas.

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