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By Team Splitsville | August 1, 2014 | 4 replies

Louis CK says some of the smartest, most #true and liberating things about divorce.

Here are a few of our favorites:

"Someday, one of your friends is gonna get divorced, it's gonna happen, and they're gonna tell you. Don't go, 'ohhhh I'm sorry.' That's a stupid thing to say. First of all you're making 'em feel bad for being really happy, which isn't fair. And second of all: divorce is always good news. I know that sounds weird, but it's true, because no good marriage has ever ended in divorce. It's really that simple."

"Divorce is always good news. I know that sounds weird, but it’s true because no good marriage has ever ended in divorce … That would be sad. If two people were married and they were really and they just had a great thing and then they got divorced, that would be really sad. But that has happened zero times."

"I love being divorced. Every year has been better than the last. By the way, I'm not saying don't get married. If you meet somebody, fall in love and get married. Then get divorced. Because that's the best part. Divorce is forever! It really actually is. Marriage is for how long you can hack it. But divorce just gets stronger like a piece of oak. Nobody ever says 'oh, my divorce is falling apart, it's over, I can't take it."

"There is a version of divorced life where you're partners and you're both taking care of the kids, the kids are spending equal time with each parent, and there's balance and there's harmony between the parents because they're not married in a bad marriage anymore."

"If you do [divorce] right, it's a much better life for the kids."

"I was determined to make sure that my kids still felt me in their lives after divorce. And then I was astonished to find out that they wanted to be with me all the time, that this was positive for them. ... And also that motivated me to make a good life for myself so that the kids would have a good home when they came to my place. And their mom is a good co-parent; we're good partners together, we're friends and we've both I think done a pretty good job of letting the kids feel like they have everything. They have a mom and they have a dad who get along and who are both there for them."

“Fuck it.” That’s really the attitude that’s keeps a family together. It’s not “We love each other!” It’s “Fuck it.”

  • Downtherabbithole This guys is hilarious. Good to have a laugh and remember that our darkest times are not all of our times. 8 years ago
    • sueKD My dream date is Louis CK- he's genuine, kind, cool & he isn't pretending to be what he isn't. I would love to meet a man like that. I feel like most men are single women plus a penis. they spend too much time thinking about how they look, what they are wearing, & how desirable they are. I don't want that in a man- I don't like that in a woman. I want someone who doesn't have to think about who they are- they just are. 8 years ago
  • REASONPASSION I love Louis C.K. The man makes humor out of profound introspection, it's an art. I'm particularly grateful for the "no divorce happened to a happy marriage." I have some reticence as to the usage of the term "happy" there, but really, if a marriage isn't helping both partners to be the most expansive they can be, then a divorce isn't a sad affair, it's a declaration that their lives mean more than an institution. 8 years ago
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