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By Keli Goff / Daily Beast | September 4, 2014 | 0 replies

What Turns a Love Affair Into a Relationship That Actually Lasts?

“If he cheats once, he’ll cheat again” is age-old wisdom, but it can be wrong. The reason for the cheating makes all the difference.

When news broke that French president Francois Hollande had allegedly been caught romancing an actress behind the back of his current partner and acting First Lady Valerie Trierweiler, many greeted the story with a shrug. After all, Hollande and Trierweiler became a couple during their own highly publicized affair. Common wisdom has long held that if you romance a cheater he or she will one day cheat on you. But what if that common wisdom is not true?

History is filled with affairs, many of which ended disastrously. Think Henry the VIII and Anne Boleyn, the mistress he eventually married and ultimately beheaded. Though few expect modern day affairs to end in such a gruesome manner, they rarely end happily every after either.

But what about those that do?

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