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By REBECCA CONROY - A CHILD GROWS | September 2, 2015 | 2 replies

Going ahead with a divorce or deciding to separate is rarely thought of as easy or fun, especially when children are involved. We still have so much societal pressure to remain married, and weathering such intense change can be overwhelming. Sometimes, even the mere thought of divorce sends people into a complete panic that makes them second guess their giant questionings about a blatantly unhealthy relationship. Wasn’t becoming a parent challenging enough? Plenty of parents decide to stay in miserable or dead relationships for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you are one, or know some. But, for those strong souls out there who are brave enough to cut loose and let go, there is a wonderful community-based website and app called Splitsville that makes the whole process more approachable and (dare we say?) positive. With tons of popular support for people going through all of life’s other milestones (showers, birthdays, weddings, et.), Tara Averill has tailored Splitsville to do the same, but for divorce. The site includes editorial contributors, access to anonymous community chats, and lots more. Below is my interview with the amazing and inspiring Tara, whose project is helping to lead so many people out of the quagmire of bad, or numb, relationships. ~Rebecca Conroy

Article by Rebecca Conroy for A Child Grows.

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  • plasterdust Way to go Tara!!!! This interview was great. If small town Canada is on the list then you've definitely branched outside of New York...thanks for your efforts 8 years ago
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