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"Expectation is the root of all heartache" - Shakespeare

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  • Imobus I feel everyday like I made a mistake getting married. I am unattracted to my husband is feel like my life has taken the worse turn. I have no friends I'm sad and lonely I need an escape want it all to end. I feel like I pretend to be happy each and everyday. I feel no chemistry no connection with him. We are broke as fuck we live apart. Even when we are together sex game is weak. No kids no money (in debt). Everyone knows what's happening to me. I feel very isolated and completely sad. It's horrible. Tears fall inside of me gone know what is happening. I need help 1 year ago   *   2 replies
    • hairymary You're lucky you don't have kids yet! I feel very similar to you most the time though my husband is sort of like a friend at least. Definitely not nearly as my best friends were before I got pregnant. You live apart? It sounds like for you there is no benefit to staying married. Are you willing to go to counseling? Maybe just yourself then both of you...if you can find a decent therapist without money. I know it sucks. Either way try filing bankruptcy and/or getting a job to become as self-sufficient as possible. Look up programs to help you for when you are single. It's still so unfairly more difficult for a woman to survive independently than it is for a man. I don't know why friends don't want to stick around if you're in a serious relationship- though they must not have been worth it to begin with really. I had the same happen..I forgave them repeatedly for neglecting our friendship til they needed something. Avoided talking about my marriage or kids so to not "rub it in" as they assumed it was so perfect just to have the title of "wife". Such children. lol Anyway- good luck and I really would avoid having a kid at all costs at this place in the marriage. I was about to leave, was feeling obligated to sex still..and got pregnant AFTER making up for missed pregnancy pills. Things really didn't get fact the sex life got so much worse post baby and I just feel stuck because there is no way I can support myself and child w/o him. Years of being a stay at home mom because child care would not only be risky but way too expensive...more than I'd get paid. lol 1 year ago
    • TDOG i dont even understand the issue. this isnt a marriage. end it immediately!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. 1 year ago
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