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Staying married may have long-term benefits. You can elicit much more sympathy from friends over a bad marriage than you ever can from a good divorce. - P. J. O'Rourke

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  • Spikebee Any one have ideas for the holidays post split? Do you try to meet up with the ex...with kids or without or at all? 10 years ago   *   12 replies
    • TDOG What do you mean by "meet up"? 10 years ago
    • Spikebee Meet in try to see them or try to avoid them? What has others experience been post break up holidays (first ones)? 10 years ago
      • brooklynblue for me it would be all about the kids, not the ex. so, if you are all doing something together - then , focus on that but i wouldnt see them without the kids! i dont see the point of that... am i missing something? 10 years ago
    • Danni girl does the ex not have any custody right? If not I would let the ex see the kids on the holidays just to be nice... 10 years ago
    • Happyhesgone I did that the first holiday (Christmas), and wish I hadn't. Daddy was supposed to come to the house by 6 am because Santa would be there by then. Daddy overslept and didn't show up until about two hours later, while the kids sat waiting and staring at their presents. That set the tone for the rest of it. LOL I guess I just don't believe in that, especially if you have young kids (I did). Then they always tend to think, "Mommy and Daddy are getting back together," because they just don't understand "special holiday," etc. They just think, "Look. There's Mommy and Daddy being nice and we're a family again," etc. If anything, you can split the holiday (if it's Christmas, maybe one parent has them Christmas Eve, one Christmas Day). And tell the kids how special the time is going to be with the other parent. 10 years ago
      • brooklynblue we do the xmas eve and xmas thing. and my ex sleeps over or i sleep at his house each year so when the kids wake up we can all wake up together and do presents and all that madness. 10 years ago
        • JENnI That's really admirable of you! Don't know if I could do that if I had kids or not. I give you tons of respect for doing that together for the benefit of your kids. 10 years ago
    • dusty1106 In my understanding, you tr and let the kids spend time during the holidays with each parent individually. Find a place to meet and exchange the kids for a set number of days. 10 years ago
      • thenooge I agree with this. Don't "meet up" with the ex without the kids. That doesn't make much sense. The only reason to meet up is to exchange the kids so they can see both parents at the holidays. Until it's been a few years and everyone understands the boundaries and everyone is comfortable being together. My parents, step-parents, kids, etc can all do the holidays together, but that's only because it's been a while. 10 years ago
    • Unsure If the kids aren't there then why would you want to meet up with your ex? 10 years ago
    • izzi How well do you get along with your ex? If you can tolerate eachother, I can say, its best for the kids to have both their parents together for the holidays. Its hard to do, but its all about the kids. I am past that point, and wish I had a more amicable divorce. 10 years ago
    • Unsure I thought about this a little more and if the kids are young you should all be together to at least have dinner or "present time." 10 years ago
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