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Staying married may have long-term benefits. You can elicit much more sympathy from friends over a bad marriage than you ever can from a good divorce. - P. J. O'Rourke

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  • TIMBUKTU does sex really matter in long term marriage? 9 years ago   *   13 replies
    • ELLA No, as long as you and your partner are content. Speak to him/her and ask their opinion. 9 years ago
      • TDOG but what if u want to have sex, just not with your partner? 9 years ago
        • ELLA Then it's time to end it 9 years ago
          • splitter we really need to figure out a way to have a marriage/family type unit that isnt stifling. imho. 9 years ago
            • HONEYBADGER seriously...agreed. and yes, sex is important! esp if you're considering it with someone other than the person you committed to be monogamous with! but for other obvious reasons such as intimacy and bla, bla, bla. Plus it feels good and connects you, if done properly. lol 9 years ago
        • metoday2015 Then you are that into your partner for whatever reason, or could be a sex addict that needs the rush of conquest and then it will feel like crap after the fact. Or you are falling in love or infatuated with someone else. Just find the clarity to define what takes you there. 9 years ago
    • tvgnus If sex matters to you, then it is important. To me, it is more than the frequency, but what you want your lovemaking to be. For me, my wife's and my sexual desires are vastly different. I have to look out for my "sexual authenticity" (someone else's term) thus it is time for me to be with another woman...a lady who wants desires the same sort of lovemaking as me. 9 years ago
    • exhusband need more info on this one. do you want to have sex? do you want to have sex with your partner? are you content with your sexlife? do tell.... 9 years ago
    • Boogie To want good healthy sex with your spouse is not unreasonable. 9 years ago
    • metoday2015 Yes, my aunt and uncle are 91 years old, have been married for 50 years and still have sex (know from a doctors visit questionnaire). Sex is important. Everything that connects two people, emotionally or physically is important. We are physical and emotional beings. So both aspects need nurturing and connection. In my opinion... 9 years ago
    • Mister_e I think sex is important in a relationship no matter what. That includes not wanting to have sex which is just as important. However, if the two in the relationship aren't even near the same wavelength of what either wants than its going to be an issue. When talking about long term its not just sex that becomes important but its the intimacy and closeness that is created between two lovers. If you aren't on the same or close wavelengths then that will hurt your chances of finding other ways to be close with your partner. 6 years ago
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