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Staying married may have long-term benefits. You can elicit much more sympathy from friends over a bad marriage than you ever can from a good divorce. - P. J. O'Rourke

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  • dswishe I'm not going to lie to you by saying I wish I wasn't divorced. I absolutely AM! But seriously, what's up with needing to mark a "divorced" box in medical information, etc? What the hell is the difference? I'm single. Please check to see if I have strep throat. 10 years ago   *   10 replies
    • ardentdreams I guess its for liability purposes? I find it completely ridiculous as well. Its not like you need to constantly advertise being divorced but it seems EVERYTHING asks for your marital status. 10 years ago
    • lmaazel Damn , i get that.... why is my marital staus anyone;s business ?if there is a emergency contact - whats the point ? 10 years ago
    • JENnI Haha! That's the best post I've read on here. "I'm single. Please check to see if I have strep throat." That's an excellent question. I'm guessing its for insurance purposes or something of that kind, but I'm totally with you on this. Just fix what's wrong dangit! 10 years ago
    • KatieA I don't get the difference between single and divorced - either way no one is responsible for the doctor bill but me! And it won't change the diagnosis! 10 years ago
    • Danni girl Sooooo true!!! lol nosey ass GOVERNMENT tryin to keep tabs!!! 10 years ago
    • AMpr411 haha so true.. I always put that I'm single, that's what I'm. I never used his last name I never changed my single last name, I'm still same or may be a little better person than before or after getting married!! 10 years ago
    • Stacy Good point! I'm guessing it's a hold over from a by-gone era? It sounds like something that needs to be updated! Maybe they could just ask married/not married, or just say "if married, name of spouse", kind of thing? I understand they often want contact information in case of emergency, or next of kin, but yeah, "divorced" as a selection option is really antiquated! 10 years ago
    • Unsure This gave me a good laugh, thank you. 10 years ago
    • TDOG i am 100% with you. 10 years ago
    • dynamic "I'm single. Please check to see if I have strep throat." LOL! The reason the question is asked is for statistical reasons. At the moment you say why, but when doctors are able to give statistical facts about the health of people and there is a categorical link such as divorce, where do you think they get these numbers from? The gov already knows you're divorce because it's a state (gov) process. You don't have to check it. It's not required under discrimination laws. However, how did these discrimination laws (the not so obvious ones like race) come to be? Someone saw a pattern. 9 years ago
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