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  • TDOG Planning 1st overnight with the new boyfriend and the kids.. Suggestions please!!!! 10 years ago   *   16 replies
    • SallyAlexis How old are the kids? Are they comfortable with your boyfriend? 10 years ago
      • TDOG they still get a coy and shy when he is there. and he is still trying to make them like him so he sort of bombards them with trying to be "awesome".. the whole thing is awkward. and i feel torn between them and him. he has his own kids and i haven't met them yet because he is in a crazy custody battle. 10 years ago
    • Spikebee Meet late at chosen home after kids in bed. Leave two need to get to know each other...let the kids know don't the road after you two are comfortable. 10 years ago
    • Danni girl I would say for the first few times to try to keep it fun and friendly with him in front of the kids, not too much bf gf type of foolin around and flirting that might make the kids uncomfortable.... 10 years ago
    • melisam_1973 I would suggest something fun- Like game night with pizza. Can't go wrong with games a pizza with kids. 10 years ago
    • Happyhesgone Could not agree with Spikebee MORE. 10 years ago
    • AMpr411 I would see for how long you know each other, I don't know if Im agree with the idea of him hiding in the middle of the night, what if some of your kid wake up and appears in your room? I think time is what you need and your kids too, having someone overnight it would be something you decide together as a family.. If you want to share with your BF overnight I will suggest a nanny and you two going to his place or to a hotel.. You don't want in the future one of your kids bringing someone in the middle of the night and you even knowing.. 10 years ago
    • JENnI I'm with melisam. Pizza and game night or even a movie night is a perfect way to keep everybody comfortable and happy. And there's really no room to try and be awesome when you're playing a game or watching a movie. Everyone just settles in and has a good time. 10 years ago
      • Julie Anne How about pizza, game night, and onesies for all?!?! They'll catch on to the idea that it's a sleep-over, but it will be fun and family appropriate. 10 years ago
    • Stacy You may have been dating for a year, but that doesn't mean your kids are ready for mommy's boyfriend to spend the night. My suggestion is to only do sleepovers when the kids are away, and let them get to know him without the added confusion of mommy having a man in her room. 10 years ago
    • ardentdreams Make it more about the kids rather than the both of you. You are sold on him so now its time for the kids to be sold on him. Kid friendly fun nights. Groupon has A LOT of fun and affordable events, getaways and even date nights for just you and him. 10 years ago
    • Mr. Mag 357 I am ten years younger than my woman and she has three stepkids, one grown, one teen, one small child versus my none, so this is where I'm coming from. I know you are seeing the same type of replies, but they're right. Make it no nookie, no canoodling for the night, just let that man be great. Let him show his character versus whatever turns you on about him. This is good for him because in order to be your main guy he has to be well rounded and POINT BLANK YOUR KIDS ARE MORE IMPORTANT so if he's not stepdad material he's gonna have to accept a lesser role. You have to accept putting the thrill of him behind your kids comfort. Oh yeah make sure you all get a full family day in before the sleepover begins it should ease tension a LOT. 10 years ago
    • brooklynblue How many times have you hung out before this?? Super important to spend a lot of platonic daytime hang before doing an overnight. 10 years ago
    • mwaters My advice: make sure to lavish your kids with attention while you are with your new boyfriend. Be extra careful to not make them feel left out. Have conversations with both the kids and the boyfriend first--preparing and setting expectations. This is what I have learned. I hope that helps! And.....have fun! Enjoy! 9 years ago
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