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Staying married may have long-term benefits. You can elicit much more sympathy from friends over a bad marriage than you ever can from a good divorce. - P. J. O'Rourke

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  • AMpr411 What do you think about having classes on schools and Colleges to be a better person, couple and parent? The system teach people to be successful about money, what about human beings? 10 years ago   *   10 replies
    • TDOG i think it would be brilliant. the only system we currently have is modeling our own parents and obviously many of our parents are disastrous in relationships. religion used to be helpful in this arena but since that has broken down as an influential institution , we are adrift morally, emotionally, spiritually. marriage needs a makeover. then maybe divorce wont be so vile and costly. 10 years ago
    • ardentdreams To be humane is a quality that cannot be taught. Nor can empathy. These qualities need to already be within a person. However, classes that teaches someone steps or processes to ASSIST them (baby steps) to become a better boyfriend or girlfriend is plausible but I feel it may fail in practice when you add different personalities to it. 10 years ago
    • lulu c i think it would be great. yes to be humane may not be able to be taught but some people have just had bad examples given to them (via parents, teachers, etc). doesn't mean they cannot be shown the right way. some people just don't know how to react in certain situations because they were never shown that you can react in a better way getting better results for everyone. i can learn to think better, remember better, improve my motor skills, cooking skills, why not the chance to improve your interpersonal skills? 10 years ago
    • AMpr411 Ardentdreams I think every human is beautiful and pure when we born, like Lulu says is what we have around: models and examples that we copy, divorce parents, dysfunctional families, people afraid to show love and emotions . I believe you can teach people to be better and also to make the right choice if you are looking for a good BF or GF. I resist to believe that a baby comes with wrong decisions and bad attitudes to life. The environment has a huge influence to support you or destroy you. So Ardentdreams do you think you could learn how to add and multiply but not how to talk instead yell when you are mad, or how to show love and kindness to everyone instead to care sometimes a lot about money and material things? 10 years ago
    • Stacy It's an intriguing idea. But who would decide what morality to teach? And who decides what is considered humane? What would the lessons be like if they were being taught in 1930's and 1940's Germany, for example? Moral relativism is a sliding scale based on current culture. 10 years ago
    • thenooge You kind of just have to learn this stuff from family, friends, whoever you are around. Most people are generally good. People who are bad probably need counseling or something and they just don't get it. Like others have said, you can't really institutionalize the teaching of morals. 10 years ago
    • AMpr411 Yes my idea its about this moment: 2014. I wasn't asking about morality, because we will judging gays, abortion, etc and those are not my thoughts about these classes on schools. Who decide what to teach? normally as schools programs were created: a lot of people put together their ideas that could benefit the majority, but we can just name few here: the program would include, talking in class about bullying in a deep way, what happen in your home that you are reacting aggressive against other kids, don't steal even if you are poor or if may be your parents don't care if you are doing it.. I can make a list of a complete program and how to teach kids to change bad habits for healthy ones. What is consider humane? A good, mentally healthy, person that wont hurt another person around in any way, somebody that care about everyone and the world we live, a person smart enough to don't hurt him/herself with drugs alcohol and bad food to start ..Thenooge it would be great and ideal if every family teach the right things, but if you have 5 years old and your parents are fighting because they are getting divorce, don't you think you would appreciate some support, good advises and 2 hours in class of, to say something, meditation, and loving environment in your school and Im not talking about therapy (because you have to pay for those and they are a lot of people cant afford it) Im really curious why morals cant be teach it in a classroom? are more difficult than trigonometry? Does anyone heard about special teachers that save or motivate students in notorious ways? 10 years ago
    • Julie Anne ALL OF THOSE CLASSES ARE AVAILABLE!!! Good news, huh? They might not be called the same thing, but they sure do work. Community colleges in my area offer classes in Positive Psychology, Human Sexuality (more about Psychology than it sounds), personal development, counseling, personal financial success, etc, etc, etc... Psychology in general is a great field of study because not only are you learning how to help others, you can take all of that new knowledge and actually apply it to your own life and family. 10 years ago
      • AMpr411 Thanks Julie Anne for your info.. I want to ask you what happen when you have 10 years old?, I'm asking about classes included at kids schools programs.. not just selective classes if you are in the Psychology field, do they have those classes and valid for credits if you want to be a engineer? 10 years ago
    • mwaters I think Human Being 101 is a fabulous idea. I think this is why so many people, including Aldos Huxley, thought the 12 steps to be the greatest invention of the 20th century: they give you a new operating system. Teach you how to live. Most of us don't learn that on the way up. Also fiscal sobriety. A re-parenting movement! 9 years ago
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